1. Advantages of Concrete Spacers                                                                       
Concrete Spacers prevent rebars from corrosion, protect them from fire to certain length of time and help to provide proper transfer of stresses from concrete to steel rebars, by helping provide proper cover to rebars.      
fiber concrete spacer

2. Why Concrete Spacers? 
Alternatives to concrete spacers are PVC/plastic spacers.
As plastic is a different material than concrete and has different coefficient of thermal expansion than concrete, it does not bond properly with concrete. It is observed that hair cracks develop between plastic and concrete surface, 
which allow ingress of corrosive gases, which in turn accelerates corrosion.
It is found in studies conducted by Norwegian Transport Authorities that at many places, especially in bridges and jetties, 
corrosion was initiated at the locations of plastic spacers provided.
While concrete spacers are made from high strength concrete, these concrete spacers bond perfectly with the surrounding concrete.

3. Why Astra Concrete Spacers ? 
Astra Concrete Spacers are made from High Strength, Fibre Reinforced Concrete in a factory with strict quality control.
The compressive strength of these concrete spacers is not less than 60 MPa.
The breaking loads of Astra Concrete Spacers exceed stipulation made in 
DBV Merkblatt Abstandhalter (L2)fassung von Juli 2002
Astra Concrete Spacers conform to BS standard H BS:7973-1:2001
Astra assures best value for money. Best quality at the most economical prices.
Astra Concrete Spacers are available at:
Auckland, Christchurch, Dammam, Riyadh, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Jeddah,  at present.
In India, Astra Concrete Spacers are available in  major cities of Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

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